How Much Is Too Much Posting?

Consistency Marketing Posting excellent content with consistency can be very good for your bottom line. You can use this as an ongoing method of getting your sales vortex full and making your phone ring if it is done well. One of the common questions that we get when setting up new clients for their social […]

#Hashtag #YourName

Hashtagging your name is a new guerilla online marketing strategy that can quickly get your name ranking high on Google page one. Twitter started the trend by putting the # symbol in front of trending topics a few years ago. Now the hashtag is being used to search for what we want not only in […]

How To Get Your Twitter Followers Up

How Do You Increase The Number Of Your Twitter Followers? You ┬ájust launched your new product and you are now trying to figure out how to get your Twitter followers up so you can tell more people about it fast. The good news is that it is possible. The bad news is that you can […]

Twitter Your NEW News Source

Twitter is awesome as your NEW news source. One of the most wonderful things about social media is that it promotes the truth without political bias or slants. There are so many people posting about an event as it happens it makes it really difficult to lie about what really happened. It is undermining the […]

Social Media And Websites Survive The #abflood

Social media and websites survive the #abflood and every other disaster that comes their way. The pictures on Facebook and the tweets on Twitter remain, the history of the hashtag created for the event is still there five years later. The websites, the YouTube videos, the shares on Google+, the blogs, and the posts on […]

Twitter For First Response

Twitter just gained a new importance to us in Calgary . A flood of fast moving river water could not have been predicted only 5 years ago. Sure we had the news but we are busy people. Not everyone is seeing the news. What are we seeing? We are all attached to our smart phones. […]

Calgary – Twitter City

Is Calgary becoming a Twitter city? In 2011 there was a relatively low percentage of business owners on LinkedIn in Calgary. Many of my colleagues were not using the platform and even fewer seemed to understand Twitter. Some of the local businesses were seeing the need to be on Facebook because they could see that […]

Sweet Tweets

Social media can be an awesome way to gain more exposure for your business but you do need to grow a healthy following and then you need to maintain it. Consistency is where many businesses drop the ball. It is hard when business picks up to get those blogs done in a timely manner and […]

Twick or Tweet?

Are your Tweets just tricks to get people to click on your links? Are you all about links, links, links? Do you ask questions that have nothing to do with your subject to get people to look at your website? Give your followers a treat when they follow you. Give them engaging content that sparks […]

When Tweets Fly Away…

Have you ever said something that you wish you did not say? Aren’t you glad that nobody was there with a recording device to play it on YouTube over and over again? Business owners and politicians may not be so lucky these days. Today there are a lot of people up in arms about Official […]