Following Up After The Trade Show

You just put out a lot of money to be part of a trade show. So now what do you do with that big box of leads? Some of those people just wanted your prize that you offered in the draw. So how do you try and figure out which ones are qualified leads? If […]

Getting Ready For The Campaign Trail

Soon elections will be coming up and as a candidate there are a few things that you should know about social media to help you get the votes that you need. Social media is not the ‘end all and be all’ of the campaign. One still needs to put out signs, shake hands, run adds […]

First Get Over It – Then Choose Wisely…

  It is amazing to me that small business owners are sometimes more savvy in the use of the internet than large companies who have unlimited budgets. It is also a phenomenon that many in government are not familiarizing themselves with useful tools at all. I wonder if they feel that they are already in […]

Why Should Churches Use Email Marketing and Social Media?

Have you ever wondered who is really getting it? By using email marketing you can actually tell who is getting it. Analytics are the biggest reason a church should use email marketing and social media. As the Pastor of the church you now know who opened the email.  You know who read it more than […]

The Basic Church Package

Social media and email marketing campaigns can be done for churches in a variety of methods based upon budget, upcoming events, evangelistic outreaches, prayer initiatives and more. Your church may have twice the normal workload if you are coordinating teams for a special function or you may have people already in place who could be […]

Increasing Unity And Embracing Transition

  The only thing that is constant in life is change. Most churches are in a state of transition all of the time or they are slowly stagnating without realizing it. The world as well is in a constant state of flux. It is moving at hyper-speed and we need to move as well if […]

Branding For Churches

Email marketing for a church is a little different than it is for a business.  We are not branding an image, a building or even an institution.  Instead we are branding the leadership. The pictures of the pastor and the Pastor’s spouse become an important part of the outgoing messages. The people need to see […]