You need to keep up to date on your basic social media. Typically it is about $500 per social media channel to keep your basic content created, updated, and automated. For this package deal you can have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn updated with fresh content each month. 1 email newsletter is included and 2 well crafted blogs are written for your business and posted to your social channels. As well one monthly video is posted to your YouTube channel. One planning session of one hour is required every two months. All of the work is done without taking loads of your time. This is great for the busy entrepreneur who has little time to worry about marketing. A small amount of customization may be available.


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Basic Plus

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You have your basic marketing already in place and now it is time to be strategic. You need leads. Loyal2U will build you lead capturing strategies and add those to your basic online marketing components. Everything from the basic package is included and we have an amazing tool that kicks SEO out of the park that we can add to your program giving you great interaction and Page 1 Google ranking. Full customization is available but typically we will increase blogging is increased to 4 times/mth. Videos are increased to 4/mth. Email auto-responder systems, and a CRM is added with capture pages in 5 locations. It takes content, connections, consistency, and a call to action to get new business. You will grow by 10,000 new online connections in the first 6 months or you will receive free services for a year!


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Strategic Plus

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You want it all, and you don’t want to think about it. This one-time package price includes everything that you need to get your new business off the ground, or your existing business to “Rock Star” Status! We bring together your print, media, website, social media, and lead generating needs and create a sculpted, customized, and automated program. It includes 25 blogs, 25 videos, a monthly email newsletter, and 5 auto-responders valued at $2000 each. We assess your entire business marketing strategy, and after analysis plan 1 year of marketing activity to drive leads and revenue for your enterprise. You will see content going live within the first week and item after item improving your social media scores and Google ranking every month!


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Epic Plus

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