reputation managementWhat Is  Reputation Management?

Do you want to be the top dog in your industry? Do you want people to know who you are? Would it help your business if you did not have to explain that you can be trusted or that you have a viable offering?

Every company and every person should be interested in what their online reputation is. This is how the public perceives you when they look you up online. Some people mistakingly think that if there is no news about them online then that is good news. Others think that as long as their company is found online it doesn’t matter if they are personally found online. WRONG! No news is as bad as bad news. Think about it. You look up a company that you have an interest in doing business with. What is the next thing that you do?

More and more people look up the owner of the business or the staff that is mentioned on the website and they Google their name. So what happens when your name is Googled? Try it right now and see.

There are 10 spots on the first page of any search besides the 3 paid spots at the top of the page. You should be in at least 5 out of the 10. Out of the 10 generic spots how many of those are legitimately about you? There will be pictures of people with your name. Are any of those pictures really your picture?

What Happens If You Do Not Pay Attention To Reputation Management?

Whether you own a company or if you are an employee reputation management is important. Having something good about you on the internet can help you get that next big client or that next big job. These days it may even help you get a mate. Many women Google the men they are starting to see to see if there is any dirt about them online.

The internet is the bathroom wall of the universe. Anyone can write anything that they want at any time. You may be able to sue them if it is a complete pack of lies but the damage is already done. Once it is up there, it has been seen. A screen shot can be taken and used again and again. It could go viral. There is little protection from that.

However, you can dominate your own space. There are 10 spots on the first page of the search. A LinkedIn account, a Twitter account and a Facebook page will quickly take up three of those spots. Blogging or being featured in an article can get you into another two or three of those spots.

When someone takes the time to look you up, they are looking for things to compare to your competitors. They are looking for a consistent story that proves what it says on your website. They are looking for good things. They are looking for interaction and activity. If they can find out a lot about you they will feel like they know you. That means they will want to do business with you. If they compare your name to the name of your competitor they will have more information about you and therefore often select you because they feel akin to you. More content is to your advantage.

If you are in an industry where you need a high profile. This is extremely important. The more confident that people are in who you are, the higher your sales will go up. The more business you will write. The more secure you will be if someone tries to say something negative about you online, because one negative comment can be literally overwritten by monopolizing the amount of content.

Is It Too Late For Reputation Management?

If you have had a major mishap in your life their may already be some very negative content about you online. That is when you definitely need to work with a professional to clean up the mess. Some things can be removed. Other things can be overwhelmed by good content if a plan is put into place. You don’t have to accept your fate. You don’t have to change your name. You need to work at it with someone who knows what they are doing and overcome the situation.

Can Loyal2U Help You With Reputation Management?

Yes we can and even better we can prove it.

Google your name if you have not already done so. What is there?

Now compare. Here is the name of one of our clients. Google Velda Paynter. Those are really her pictures. Those articles that come up are mostly done by us, or we promoted them online after they were put together by someone else. See the difference?

Google Zechariah James. This one is interesting because Zechariah has two first names. This makes being on page one of Google more difficult because you are competing with people who have both the first name and the last name. So he is competing with Zechariah the book of the Bible and anyone who has the last name or the first name James. Thankfully Loyal2U has been successful in marketing his name and creating an online presence for him. He usually has more than six postings on Google’s first page with his name.

Kerry George reputation managementNow here is the toughest one. Kerry George. Kerry has to compete with John Kerry and George Bush whenever they get together. She has to compete with Kerry Katona who is a reality TV star who has a boyfriend named George. That one is hard to beat. They have a lot of posting going on and paparazzi posting photos continually.  There is also a real Kerry George who is a singer in the UK and another real Kerry George who is a black man in marketing in the United States. So these are difficult to compete with as well. Count how many times Kerry George is really Kerry George. If you are in the Calgary area you should find her at least five to six times on Google’s page 1 and the majority of photographs that come up are really her as well. If you continue looking on page 2 and 3 of the search you will find an overwhelming amount of material that is really all about Calgary’s own Kerry George.

More and more we are using hashtags to do a search. This is another important factor in your online reputation management strategy. Does anything at all come up if you use a # in front of your name? Now try this. #KerryGeorge

Another interesting note is that Kerry George is brand new to business in Calgary. She has not been around for 20 years. She started her very first business enterprise in 2011 and built a network of over 300,000 people and three businesses using these techniques in less than three years.

You can wait for someone else to tell your story and let them decide what they will say about you, or you can own your space and determine what the public will find when they look you up.

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