Don’t Make This Mistake In Marketing!

  Call us for a FREE consultation today! 403-818-6467 Don’t make this mistake in marketing. Don’t think it has not been working – therefore it does not work. There are answers  – you just have to try something different. If your marketing plan was put together more than two years ago it needs to be […]

Offering The Right Mix

Have you ever subscribed to an email list only to be bombarded day after day with sales promotions? Have you gotten the ones that have heavy branding at the top and always the very same format week after week? Do you read them? Or do you just let them collect until a good Saturday comes […]

Special Occasion Emails

Everyone likes to get a card at Christmas or a “Happy Mother’s Day” greeting. It is fresh and beautiful and it screams “I am thinking about you, and you matter to me!” At we believe in sending thoughtful messages. It is one of the ways that we endear your clients to you and cause […]

The “NEW” Email Marketing of 2011

My opening line at a business mixer use to be “Hi, my name is Kerry and I am in email marketing,” but not anymore. Why? Because people answer, “Oh, I already do that.” And the fact is: they don’t. Anyone with a computer these days sending out an email thinks they are doing email marketing. […]