Facebook For Business

Who Needs Facebook? Apparently someone does because most people are on it four and a half hours a week or more. It comes to their phones. The messaging and the posting goes on and on. Should My Business Be On Facebook Yes. Just about all businesses should be on Facebook. If your market uses Facebook […]

Social Media Strategies For Large B2B Organizations

Social media is beginning to produce real and lasting results in a variety of industries and is therefore becoming the fastest growing form of marketing in 2011. ┬áB2B organizations large and small are discovering this as a low cost measurable method of advertising that is showing a decent ROI and giving them a reasonable impact […]

Email For A Business Network

This is a new client that we just began working with. This account has shown some amazing improvement already in the first few days that we took over its operation. They had been using Constant Contact and had hovered at about a 22% open rate for well over the last year but already we have […]

Getting “The Group” To Make A Buying Decision

In B2C markets it is usually an individual that makes that critical buying decision, however in B2B markets decisions are usually made in a group. Last week I met with a potential client who seemed to be in the top position in his firm. In fact, I was certain that I was speaking with an […]