Social Media Boot Camp


Get more business from social media! Learn how to use the free options on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and Google Reviews. The CIBN Social Media Boot Camp taught by Loyal2U experts will give you immediate skills, planning and implementation to get things happening on social media. This is not a course on buying ads, or spending $, it is practical training for business.   This program sells out quickly so enroll today! What will you learn? Learn the basics on how to use Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Google Reviews. Find out how to create solid accounts that make money. [...]

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Social Media Goal Setting


You can get there. only if you know where you are going! Goal setting is a powerful tool to use in life and in business. It is especially important for social media. We need to have a plan in order to achieve consistency and consistency matters when we are trying to generate new leads with any online strategy. To get started, physically take out a pen and paper and we will start charting a course. If we do not make a plan to succeed we will fail by default. Often the difference between the wildly rich and the incredibly poor is [...]

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Utilizing Employees And Social Channels


Do you think that we will sell cars the same way in five years that we are doing it today? Will we sell services like life insurance the same way? What about real estate? Other large ticket items? Perhaps you are in a B2B market doing a large volume of business every year, but have you noticed that things are changing? Did you know that your potential clients are looking for you on social media channels? Did you know that they are talking about you there, whether you are there or not? Have you realized yet that they are also looking [...]

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