Translating “Techno-geek” Into Common Language


Every culture and every sub-culture has their own language. Whether we are talking to seniors or to teenagers makes a big difference in the words that we use and even the body language that we communicate with. IT has it’s own language and that crosses over into the world of social media on an ongoing basis. Although “techno-geek” may be fun when we are excited about the new applications of Google+ or the latest software to hit the market, but if we are selling these ideas to non-techies we need to clean up our talk. The average business person gets cross-eyed [...]

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What Works?


Last night a friend of mine was all worried about my business. She had read an “all knowing” article about how social media is not proving to have long lasting impact on brands in the market and she was very concerned that my business would suffer as a result.  I had to comfort her and get her to relax because those doomsday opinions are analogous to those who are continually yacking about conspiracy theories or the impending economic world demise. Partially true, partially fictitious…  And from the outside looking in how do we know what they were researching and what they [...]

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Use “Social” Media For Social Gold!


“Social” media is social. That is why it is called “social.” Social media is all about the relationships. That is why the people are on Facebook 4 1/2 hours every week on average. That is why they are engaging on blogs and by Twitter. They desire the interaction with human beings. Business wants to reach these people to sell them products and services. If “selling” is all that the business has to offer them, then social media is not going to be that lucrative for them. However, if business can wrap it’s head around what people want and then give it [...]

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Facebook For Business


Who Needs Facebook? Apparently someone does because most people are on it four and a half hours a week or more. It comes to their phones. The messaging and the posting goes on and on. Should My Business Be On Facebook Yes. Just about all businesses should be on Facebook. If your market uses Facebook then obviously you should be there too. You can run such simple, inexpensive and beautiful ads right off your business Facebook page. It works for many business to consumer businesses, and now for some others as well. A business should not pick and choose which social [...]

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