Overcoming The “Un-subscribes”

Here is a newsflash for us.  We are not going to get them all, nor are we going to be able to keep them all.  It doesn’t matter how good we are.  Sometimes the email box is just too full and people go on an unsubscribing frenzy.  We simply become the casualty of cleaning. So […]

The “NEW” Email Marketing of 2011

My opening line at a business mixer use to be “Hi, my name is Kerry and I am in email marketing,” but not anymore. Why? Because people answer, “Oh, I already do that.” And the fact is: they don’t. Anyone with a computer these days sending out an email thinks they are doing email marketing. […]

Email For A Business Network

This is a new client that we just began working with. This account has shown some amazing improvement already in the first few days that we took over its operation. They had been using Constant Contact and had hovered at about a 22% open rate for well over the last year but already we have […]