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Is it just me or is there a new social media channel six times a day? Then there are 25 tools available a day as well. It is really hard to know which ones have any value. I often examine new ones when clients have a question or if it is recommended as useful by […]

Following Up After The Trade Show

You just put out a lot of money to be part of a trade show. So now what do you do with that big box of leads? Some of those people just wanted your prize that you offered in the draw. So how do you try and figure out which ones are qualified leads? If […]

First Get Over It – Then Choose Wisely…

  It is amazing to me that small business owners are sometimes more savvy in the use of the internet than large companies who have unlimited budgets. It is also a phenomenon that many in government are not familiarizing themselves with useful tools at all. I wonder if they feel that they are already in […]

20 Reasons Why Email Marketing Campaigns Fail!

  Not long ago I was on LinkedIn reading an “expert’s” opinion about email marketing. The only problem is this person is not an expert in email marketing, he is an expert in IT if anything. Therefore he does not understand how permission based email marketing works, or why it works. In his opinion it […]

Social Media Goal Setting

Goal setting is a powerful tool to use in life and in business. It is especially important for social media. We need to have a plan in order to achieve consistency and consistency matters when we are trying to generate new leads with any online strategy. So to get started, physically take out a pen […]

Should I Get Rid of Facebook for Google+

  Apparently some people are taking the leap away from Facebook to get into Google+. Before jumping ship though, one might want to ask themselves a few questions. What was the performance of Facebook in the beginning? Are you really utilizing Facebook right now? Is there still potential there? Have you been connecting with people […]

Google+ And Other Drama

  Online communities are all abuzz with the latest on Google+. Friends are quickly growing their circles and learning how to apply it for business as well. (Even though Google has been encouraging people to only use it for personal use as the business applications are yet to be announced.) So what else is going […]

The Chronicles Of The +

  Things move real fast in today’s techno-world. Only two months ago I was saying that if anyone could predict the next social media platform they would know more than the rest of us and we should all be “following” them. But that was then and this is now. And now we all know the […]

The Magic Is In The Mix

People are talking a lot about social media. Some are saying that it is profitable for business while others are critical of all the hype. Most though would admit thy have not quite figured it all out. If we are just playing around on Facebook the chances are that we will not have much success. […]

B2B Email Marketing And Social Media Packages

If your target market is other businesses we are not going to just slap you into a package without first doing some research to determine the course of action.  There will be a few factors that we will want to assess before we begin. Do you know the cost of acquiring a lead? Do you […]