Utilizing Employees And Social Channels To Reach Your Market


Do you think that we will sell cars the same way in five years that we are doing it today? Will we sell services like life insurance the same way? What about real estate? Other large ticket items? Perhaps you are in a B2B market doing a large volume of business every year, but have you noticed that things are changing? Did you know that your potential clients are looking for you on social media channels? Did you know that they are talking about you there, whether you are there or not? Have you realized yet that they are also looking [...]

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Avoid Boring For The Business Meeting Email


For a successful internet strategy don’t cage your animals! Cute kids and animals sell. Think about it. What are the best commercials on television? Remember the dog from Taco Time? How many years ago was that? You still remember it! Dogs in beer commercials, tiger cubs in telecommunications commercials and cute kids eating cereal – sell! People love it! Boring is your enemy in email communications. The same look. The same logo up top and center. Great for branding, not great for getting opened. Do something different. Do something colorful. Be creative and get people thinking. Depending on your company and [...]

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Don’t Make This Mistake In Marketing!


Don’t make this mistake in marketing. Don’t think it has not been working – therefore it does not work. There are answers  – you just have to try something different. If your marketing plan was put together more than two years ago it needs to be reworked. Facebook is a completely different animal than it was only three years ago. LinkedIn is a game changer and if you are not using it as part of your ongoing strategy you are missing out. The whole email marketing industry has morphed and then changed again with recent spam legislation. Now it is a [...]

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