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Who would benefit from our Loyal2U service?

It takes 7 times minimum for someone to hear about your service before they are comfortable to do business with you. You could have them feeling comfortable before they even met you!

What if they saw you on LinkedIn, and then they followed you on Twitter? What if they “liked” your page on Facebook and then they saw your blog article when they googled your name?

Anyone who is trying to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace would benefit from Loyal2U services.  If you are trying to draw your patrons back for return business you want to stay in touch with them.  If you want them to see you as a professional in your field who really cares about their needs you want to be able to supply them with information and trends that none of your competitors are offering.  If you want referrals from them you need to move their experience with you to an A+ position and create a desire in them to assist you.

We can consistently draw your prospects and your loyal customers back into your social media vortex and keep them “touched” by you. As content writers we now offer customized material for our clients to use in emails, blogs, articles, print opportunities, videos and websites. We can create content for you to use months and years in advance so that you never have to worry about what to say on Twitter. We coach you on what to say and how often to say it giving you a platform to gain many new followers, and we can focus those respondents to be from your geographical target market.

We also now offer training in the workplace and at the conference level to assist corporations in getting their entire staff on board. Loyal2U can show you how to use innovative email marketing and social media to draw prospective clients into a social media vortex and bring them to your location and not just to your website. We have discovered a very effective tool in raising SEO ranking naturally without purchasing Google Ad words or incurring large expense. Our cutting edge successful internet strategies will bring you results that you are looking for. No matter what the challenges are in your industry our consultants will help you to overcome and make a marketing impact.

Real Estate Agents

Yes we know there are challenges that are unique to your industry and we are aware of your limitations in communications. We have ways though of making a difference for you if you are willing to think outside the box.

Are you in your business for the long term?  If you are, you already know the statistics about repeat business.  You cannot afford to miss referrals or to lose a long term client.  Let us help you stay in touch and keep the lines of communication open.  We can write meaningful articles that will help them prepare their home for market and stay up to date on new developments so they will keep coming back for more.  By the time they are ready to purchase their next house they will feel like you are part of their family and they would not even think of using anyone else!


Stay in touch with your clients all year round with a monthly newsletter offering some tips relevant to your industry as well as some other items that many people would enjoy.  Create long term loyalty to  your service and endear people to you and your staff.

customer loyaltyDoctors, Dentists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Psychologists

We are a completely confidential service. We understand your industry and realize that you can not share personal information about your clients. We have very high standards at Loyal2U. Often we write content for professionals without having access to their contact lists simply by coming in and training your staff to handle the sending out. We just help you by writing the content. Nothing gets sent until you see it, but the beauty of it all is that you don’t have to be “in” your business, you can now be “on” it.

You are a professional and you are gifted in what you do. The world needs you doing what you do. You don’t need to be doing more writing and spending time on the computer. Let us take the burden off you.

Anyone in a health or mental health related industry could benefit by offering special advice columns and encouraging people to return to you specifically.  Our communications give you excellent ‘bedside manner’ even when they are not sick. We make them Loyal2U and they will feel like you are right there personally each month.

Fitness Centers, Gyms, Workout Facilities, Member Clubs For Golf or Tennis

How many people buy a membership and then do not use it?  Things get in the way, timing issues come up and people are so busy.  They paid for the large membership, and when they do not follow through they feel like they have wasted their money and there is no use in going now that the membership is almost over.  What if they were getting an informational newsletter that not only gave them updates on the events they were missing but it also gives them work out tips and inspirational health pieces that motivate them to come back?  What if they felt like you cared about them and that you are still rooting for their fitness success?  Not only will they feel good about having spent money with you in the past, they will be more inclined to come back sooner and try again.

Dance Lessons, Martial Arts Instructors, Music Teachers

Are you having trouble keeping students up to date on events or getting the parents involved for a project?  Not only will this help keep students coming back season after season it will also gain greater participation from their families all year long as they are communicated with.  Students and parents can be getting the updates increasing the overall response and bringing everyone together as a team.  You can also provide special pieces of interest even in the off season causing them to chose your service over the dozens of others that are available in your area.

Spas, Beauty Parlors and Treatment Facilities, Nail Salons, and Hair Dressers

These are competitive industries.  You need an edge.  What makes your customer want to come back to you?  Let us help you stay in contact and keep them feeling like they absolutely have to have you in their life to provide that service.  Cause a loyalty to your service, to you personally and to your staff.  Our writers have wonderful articles and encouraging tips that will make them want to come back to see you soon.  You can also offer in-store specials and coupons not only for them but for referrals because you need them promoting your business.

Oil and Gas Industry

Whether you are keeping clients up to date with the latest technology and research or whether you are keeping your employees working together as a cohesive team you will want to use our service.  We have multiple uses that would interest you in your field.  You are professionals and you need to send a consistently professional message to your clients and to your workforce and we can help you to attain the level of success that you are desiring to reach.  CEOs and Executives can make a lasting impact on those that they oversee and cause them to feel good about your contribution in their lives.

Engineers are people too! You have a message. You have valuable information that your future clients need to hear. We can help you put it into common language and draw your customers to you!

Service Clubs and Associations

Service clubs need to stay in contact with their executive board, their volunteers and with the people that they are providing a service for.  Often they are operating on a volunteer system and may have limited skills available to them.  Our service can send out infrequent friendly feel-good reminders that you are thinking about them in the off season and then it can pick up in the busy season to keep  them up to date, inspire participation, or even to teach necessary skills.

Sales Teams From All Types Of Businesses

Motivational material can be created for car dealerships, product and service sales, or event multi-level businesses. Teams can be stimulated to move your products to market!

This type of a system makes it easier to get your sales force working together.  It stimulates teamwork and causes people to feel great about contributing their time, their money and their expertise.  Motivational emails to participants and volunteers can keep people coming back over and over again and bring them together in unity for whatever your next projects will be.

Our colourful inspirational emails keep them opening them up so they can see how you are going to encourage them next.  They will not only be coming to the next meeting but they will be bringing new people with them.  They will be ordering more and they will be feeling great about their relationship with YOU.  Whether you have a group of 5 or 5000 we can help you increase the size of your business as well as to retain the customers and distributors you have already worked so hard to gain.

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