Marketing training is important to you and your company. If you are a solopreneur then it is all up to you to get your operation off the ground. You need to know something. If you are a corporate executive with a large successful company then you have forcasts to meet and objectives to reach. Every quarter you need to show an overall improvement in the numbers to show your value to the company and to keep your team excited about the corporate vision.

Training is the answer to these challenges. It is not enough to know marketing theory. One must have a plan and the plan these days must include some online strategies. Pay per click and Google Adwords is going to only take you so far. How do you successfully build engaging content that appeals to the market as well as to Google’s new algorithms? How do you stay consistent? What happens when one Google’s your name? Can they find you? Do you dominate your online space?

Online marketing strategies can help you:

  • Get more appointments for your sales team.
  • Pay off the costs of a major trade show before it is even over.
  • Win election votes by training volunteers.
  • Bring a board of directors together.
  • Educate staff, followers, clients, friends and family about your operation.

Loyal2U can do all of this for you, or we can provide the training for you, your employees or your volunteers so you can get it done and get the cashflow rising on an ongoing basis.

Loyal2U can also provide professional speakers for your next conference. Our founder Kerry George may be available personally but there are also several other speakers available to you on a variety of topics through the Canadian Imperial Business Network and the Calgary Business Network. Call 403-397-1909 about booking a speaker for your next event.

Below are some of the CIBN events that are coming up. These are events that help business owners increase their bottom line by supplying knowledge on a variety of topics that entrepreneurs need to be successful. The CIBN also offers a fantastic MasterMind Program that lets business owners strategize with other MasterMind Members through brainstorming sessions and other closed events for people who really want to take their businesses to the next level.

CIBN events

Internet Strategies That Work – Conferences and Workshops



Upcoming CIBN Events

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Yes we do training events for social media, email marketing and online strategies. 403-397-1909

One of our favorites is to teach corporations how to multiply their branding, awareness, and even get appointments booked in new territories…

If you are trying to get your sales team together on your social media strategy you will want to book us for an afternoon workshop. We can put something special together for your conference as well.

For Your Conferences:

  • Pimp out your LinkedIn profile for more business
  • Make more sales using social networking
  • How to use social media to reach right into your competitor’s pocket
  • How to look big and impressive online
  • Why emailing is not dead but resurrected with huge new life and social impact
  • Owning your social media and online real estate
  • Reputation management
  • Staying on top of what others are saying about you
  • Getting more link juice with your social media vortex working for you
  • How to add value through content
  • How to become a “thought leader” in your industry
  • How to get your employees on board to maximize sales while minimizing risks associated with larger teams
  • Creating the full marketing plan that works with social media, radio, print, television and maximize all of your outlets

For Your Employees:

    • Social media etiquette and managing your company’s reputation
    • How to re-post emails, blogs and Tweets on social media channels to multiply the effectiveness of the company’s pre-approved content
    • How to use LinkedIn to get more qualified leads and work those leads like rented mules
    • Social networking used with live networking events to triple results
    • How to increase your market impact by growing a targeted Twitter list
    • Break into a new geographical area
    • Be prepared for your next Trade Show and ready for the best follow-up results of your career
    • How to get the most out of the company website and blog
    • How to keep the company Facebook page current, active and exciting
    • How to be a social media interactive employee
    • Using emails and social media to get the lead, keep in contact, make the sale and do an amazing follow-up


Our CEO Kerry George is also available to speak on:

  • Improving sales
  • Motivation and Vision
  • Focusing on the 20% that produces 80% of the profit
  • Combining social media with live networking for the ultimate success
  • Overcoming Obstacles