Do you think that we will sell cars the same way in five years that we are doing it today? Will we sell services like life insurance the same way? What about real estate? Other large ticket items?

Perhaps you are in a B2B market doing a large volume of business every year, but have you noticed that things are changing? Did you know that your potential clients are looking for you on social media channels? Did you know that they are talking about you there, whether you are there or not? Have you realized yet that they are also looking for your sales people and admin staff in those same venues?

Have you already seen apps created in your industry? Have you seen a decline in the effectiveness of reaching your customer base? Have you been hearing about social media? Do you know that the people or the raw resources of your industry are on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn more and more? Do you know how to reach them there?

Things are changing at a rapid pace, so if you are a little overwhelmed by it all, that is understandable. There is a lot to take in and things will be done entirely different in five years again. Typically most companies will try to get the basics done. They have a Facebook page built. They may even invest in a more complex landing page. Some of them get a Twitter LinkedIn account. However, just being there is not enough.

In order to reach your market in these social media platforms you need to establish an ongoing presence there. You need to be consistent in posting not only in those channels but to a blog that goes to multiple locations. To have the greatest effect you need to have a plan, just like you would have a plan for any other area of growth in your business. You also need to have others involved in implementing the plan, just like you would partner with others in joint collaborations.

In the last few weeks I have been in front of a board of directors at a couple of large firms. Do you know what I found out? They have no plan. No plan for their social media. No plan for their email campaigns. No plan for generating leads using LinkedIn. No plan for blogging. No idea how those things work together.

I asked them if they tracked how many people opened the company emails? The answer was “No.” I asked if they could tell how many people clicked through on the specials that were featured on their emails? The answer was “No.” I asked if they had the ability to repost their emails to social media channels? Another “No.” I asked if they reused their content from emails in blogs or on Facebook? “No.”

If you have a large ticket item and a strong data base, do you think it might be handy to know who looked at the special? Wouldn’t it be good to know who clicked on it more than once? Wouldn’t you want to know who kept re-reading your email or who posted it on their Facebook page? Shouldn’t your sales team have that information? Why would they continue to cold call when they have hot potential leads leaving an electronic trail that can be followed?

Emails need to be part of the equation. They need to be tracked. Everything needs to work together.

Everybody needs to work together as well. Most companies are sitting on limitless potential in their employees. Staff could be utilized to post to their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Employees can be re-posting every company email and every promotion to their own Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. What you need to realize is that while your company is struggling to get a few hundred followers you have employees who have hundreds each in every one of these venues. That gives your promotion significant more reach in the marketplace.

Employees can be used to bring in more sales leads. They can be used to create a larger vortex of activity that draws in more people. They can also be used in a more effective follow up process. The possibilities are truly endless.

Some owners are concerned about handing things over to the employees but again there are things not being considered. One misled employee posting garbage on the internet would be damaging, however not teaching your employees how to use social media for your companies benefit is not going to stop the one bad egg from slamming you when they leave anyway. The only difference is that your ignorance of the situation will keep you from being able to respond to it.

Customers are already posting their negative experiences about you. If you are not represented in that channel, you simply don’t know, and that affects you.

What if you did know though? What if you had a whole team of people ready for that situation? What if you had employees trained for that event and you were able to blast onto the scene answering those remarks with common sense answers and offering to deal with the situation? Wouldn’t that be better?

Your employees are on the internet anyway. So learn how to utilize that.
Your potential clients are all on the internet. That is not going away. It is time to reach them there.

Our company Loyal2U can come and do it all for you, but will that be best for you? If you are a sole proprietary with 1 employee maybe that would help you get back to what you love to do. However, if you have a team of people who already work for you, your best bet would be to have a mixed program where we do some of it for you and we help train your staff to do the rest. Multiply your message. Call us today and we can help put something together for you that will include new lead generation, customer satisfaction and powerful follow-up tools for your sales and marketing department. 403-397-1909

Kerry George CalgaryKerry George is the owner of Loyal2U as well as one of the owners of The Canadian Imperial Business Network. She is an author, speaker, mentor, and successful entrepreneur bringing together thousands of business owners and professionals every year through over 400 events in the Calgary region alone.