Soon elections will be coming up and as a candidate there are a few things that you should know about social media to help you get the votes that you need.

Social media is not the ‘end all and be all’ of the campaign. One still needs to put out signs, shake hands, run adds and do all the things that they did in years past. However, social media is like having another tool in your tool kit. If you don’t use it, do you think that it is possible that you would be missing out? Consider the last few elections both here and in the US. Do you think social media was a factor in getting Obama elected? Nenshi? Prime Minister Trudeau?

At Loyal2U we also have some groundbreaking techniques that could really assist your campaign. Here are a few free tips. (Just a few in case the competition is reading this, we are only handing out the basics.) If you like them, give us a call. 403-387-1909. We can bring our team to assist you or simply have us come and train your volunteers to get the biggest bang in your riding!

1. Numbers count. If you want to beat a competitor you need lots of followers and connections. Hire an expert to make sure you have what you need as fast as you can get them. If your competitor has been in already, then you have to beat their numbers to win.

2. Get a professional to build your website. We can tell if your cousin did it for you.

3. Have a Facebook fan page. A separate one from your personal page.

4. Have a Twitter page and build up the count with as many local people as possible. (We can do that for you.)

5. Have a LinkedIn account and build your profile up. (Connections count, but good articles could help on LinkedIn as well.)

6. Use videos – they can be very simply added to your platform. Videos and Facebook lives engage the users. Emails with videos in them get opened 3 times as much and website visitors stay 3 times as long on a page if video is there.

Remember that just because you may not be personally using these social media channels, lots of other people are. This is just one more place where you can find them. The fastest growing market for Facebook right now is women ages 55+ and the average user of Facebook is on it four and a half hours a week. So there is huge opportunity for engagement.

The above tips are the basics. Our trained staff can help create the content that you need, get the message out in front of the people that need to see it, and train your staff and volunteers to be social media machines that spin potential voters right into your vortex. We can help you take the data and form the content to fit your demographics in Alberta ridings. We have help for those with both large and small budgets.

The sooner you get started the better. In order to be successful with social media you need to have an online presence. We are very good at building an online presence in a short period of time, but every second counts if you are in the running.

Kerry George CalgaryKerry George is the owner of Loyal2U as well as one of the owners of The Canadian Imperial Business Network. She is an author, speaker, mentor, and successful entrepreneur bringing together thousands of business owners and professionals every year through over 400 events in the Calgary region alone.