7 – 14 Touches To Get The Sale

Whether we are promoting our own business ideas or trying to sell for someone else it is important to understand the simple laws of number and averages so that we do not become discouraged. The fact is not everyone will buy. Another fact is most won’t buy immediately. That is just the way it is. So get over it!

One must stay motivated and carry on. The success will come if we do not give up and if we understand the laws of the numbers we will keep at it. We cannot be discouraged by those that say “no.” People always say “no” to things that are new. Early adopters are rare. When we find them that is great, but we should not be misinformed and believe that all sales will be final in the first meeting.

The fact is it usually takes 7 – 14 touches to get the sale. Often the prospect will say “no” 6 times at least before they say “yes.” So we need to get some thick skin and keep going. The “no” is a stepping stone to get to the “yes.”

Technique is the key. We don’t want to be obnoxious. I had a friend who made their living from door-to-door sales which I am not personally a huge fan of, however he did have a technique that worked. When he went to the front door and found an unhappy response he simply went around to the back door and tried again. The same person answered the door and the salesman said, “Oh thank God it is you, it is so good to see a friendly face! That last guy was a miserable jerk and I don’t know if I can take any more like that today!” He got the prospect laughing and often that was his biggest sale.

Today in this fast pace internet strategy society we are offered many doors to get the prospect in better spirits and put our brand in front of them. We just need to work the 7 – 14 opportunities to get there. Then the sale is eminent.

There are several touches that we can implement that we could take advantage of and the order is not as important as the number. We just want to get in front of the prospect as many times as possible. Social media, automation, and email campaigns can do a lot of the work for us, we don’t need to physically see the prospect that many times.

Here are 7 Touches that count to win the game:

#1 When we meet new prospects we always get their card and we always ask “Is it all right with you if we put you on our email list to send you more information about what we do?” This makes you CASL compliant as it gives you permission to send.

#2 Create an autoresponder series with emails that educated your prospects or give them valuable tips about subjects they want information on. We use Constant Contact to build email lists and make our campaigns. We send beautifully illustrated value added emails that share more than just our constant bombardment of sales offers that our customers actually want to open.

# 3 Post regularly on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and comment on other people’s pages and in their groups.

#4  Post and repost your emails to the above channels. Constant Contact allows you to create an email to your email list and then post it to your social media sites as well. This is a huge increased reach. Some of our clients only have 500 in their email list, however they have 20,000 followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This is a way to get it in front of those folks too!

#5 Write a business blog at least once a week on your website and we re-post it on the above channels in among your chatter. Create another version of the same article with 30% different content and post it on LinkedIn as well.

#6 Encourage other individuals, relatives, and staff to re-post your content  our social media pages and blogs. This creates “buzz.” Buzz creates multiplication. Nothing ever goes viral without buzz. Controlling who posts, or what they post will kill your Buzz. Let the multiplication of commenting become like a verbal virus sweeping across the internet creating new leads and then drive those leads directly to your physical business to convert them into actual sales.

#7 Use follow-up incentives. Send a card. Send chocolate. If it is a huge client and you are wooing the board of directors, send a huge bouquet of flowers to the office. Every two to three weeks keep coming back with something. Don’t drop the ball. Your future is on the line…

These are 7 Touches that bring success. Work it. Work it hard. Watch your sales grow.

If you need more ideas for touching, give us a call. Have a one hour free consultation!


Kerry George CalgaryKerry George is the owner of Loyal2U as well as one of the owners of The Canadian Imperial Business Network. She is an author, speaker, mentor, and successful entrepreneur bringing together thousands of business owners and professionals every year through over 400 events in the Calgary region alone.