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Twitter Is A News Source

Those who do not understand the fundamental importance of Twitter are those who have ever lived through a disaster. Ask anyone who lived downtown in Calgary in 2013 if they have Twitter on their phone and 80% of them will answer “YES!” Ask anyone who was evacuated from Fort McMurray in 2016 if they have Twitter still on their phone and over 90% of them will answer “YES!”

Twitter gives it’s users something that no other social media does, and that is up-to-date, by-the-minute, footage of exactly what is going on. Sports lovers, political advocates, college students, and Trump trashers love Twitter above all other social media platforms for that reason. Once people are on Twitter using it, it is like crack. They keep coming back for more!

Twitter grows in communities by over 800% during disasters because when the house gets ripped out of the riverbank and sent downstream it can be found instantly by searching with the hashtag #ABfloods. If you were sitting in a coffee house in Calgary on June 19, 2013, one Twitter user in that establishment would have converted 20 people to become Twitter users in less than 5 minutes just by showing his phone to a group of gasping onlookers.

During the fires in Fort McMurray thousands of people were stranded and delayed alongside the road and at critical stops along the way. One person in the crowd showing a group of others what was being posted by fire fighters would convert dozens in minutes to being life-long Twitter users. All of those people still use Twitter today making Twitter a powerful place for you to invest in your marketing strategy.

Keep Playing The Tune

Twitter posting is like playing the flute for a group of mice who start to follow you. Once the mice are enamored by your song, the last thing you would want to do is stop playing. Twitter users follow people with opinions. They follow industry experts. They follow personalities. At Loyal2U we write hundreds of posts for our clients that give them online expertise and personalities and then we automate them.

Automation is like having electronic elves that keep working all through the night, every night, bringing you more followers, more engagement, more clicks, and most importantly – making the phone ring!

Calgary Twitter Expert

More Accounts

There are a variety of strategies that we could use but more connections is a criteria for effective online marketing. It is difficult to build one account to 100,000 followers but it is also risky. If you have one account with that many followers and you got hacked or if the Twitter police shut you down, all of your hard work would be lost. With one account you also have to wait for the masses to interact with you to get some engagement. But what if you owned multiple accounts?

What if your company had a sales account, and the President’s account, and the marketing account? What if key people managed an account but automation of key information was handled with a plan and a collaborating strategy? How big could your following grow? How much interaction could you start from one another?

Even a solo-preneur can gain more interaction using this method. Do you have a wife? A mother? An admin?

It takes 10,000 followers on all of your social media channels to begin to bring in real business. Twitter is an easy place to grow targeted followers. It is a wonderful and effective place to begin to grow your social media strategy out.

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