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Why Your Profile Matters

If someone visits your website, or they see you on social media, the next thing that they do is Google your name. They may have already done so for three of your competitors. You need to look better than anything else they have looked at. There needs to be more about you on your profile than your competitors have put down. There needs to be blogs, videos, and articles featured on your profile. You can control that. We can control that for you.

At Loyal2U we have a powerful 10 Point Profile Enhancer that pimps out your profile and puts you in the top of your industry classifications. We have had clients land their first business from LinkedIn within 3 weeks of enhancing their profiles.

We send our clients for profile pictures and we manage the posting of new photographs and other media so that your connections are regularly alerted to go look at your profile again. More traffic on LinkedIn is a really, really, good thing. It brings you business. We make sure that you look your best at all times on LinkedIn, because for many businesses this is where it matters the most!

Calgary LinkedIn profile examples

Connections Matter

Would you buy advertising with a radio station that had no listeners? You would ask them first what the demographics were of the people who typically listen to that channel, wouldn’t you?¬†We find it fascinating that our prospects don’t ask that to of their event planners or their social media experts. If one is truly an expert in online marketing then they should have a lot. Less than 10,000 may as well be zero. Nobody is listening. Beautiful content does not matter if you have no connections. It takes at least 10,000 to start making an impact. If you have not been making an impact that is most likely because you do not have enough connections.

At Loyal2U we help our clients get more connections. That is a large part of our strategy. Another part of our strategy is to allow our clients to piggy-back off the 80,000 followers that we already have in the Calgary area. That is a HUGE benefit for you that no other marketing company can offer you.

We realize that most people when they embark on this marketing journey with us will come through the door with little to no following and no understanding on how to get one. We have you covered. That is why you won’t need to wait a whole year in your marketing strategy to get results. We can do it faster, because we have 80,000 followers at your disposal. You are going to like that, a lot!

Group Strategies

Do you belong to groups on LinkedIn? Do you know what groups your prospects belong to? Do you know how to stand out in groups? Do you know how to get yourself recognized as an industry leader in groups? Do you know how to use those groups to get regular new business? Do you own a group of your own that you have the freedom to market to? Do you know how to get your competitors to join your group and bring all of their clients and prospects with them? These are just a few questions that we ask when we begin to develop a group strategy for you.

Groups can be a powerful asset for you in your prospecting, if you know how to use them. At Loyal2U we create these strategies for you, and if you have no time, we work these strategies for you. It is just one of the things that we do for our clients.

LinkedIn Articles

Blogging is incredibly profitable if it is done regularly and if you have a following on your blog. Most people are not regular, and most people have a very small audience.

Yet, some business owners have over 1000 people connected to them on LinkedIn, where they could write articles and have their marketing pieces and knowledge seen instantly by that many people in their first line of connections. The potential for thousands to see it in reposts is very high.

At Loyal2U we help you create regular postings of articles and get those articles out to your existing connections. We then grow your connections to become more significant. We do this while we repost your articles to our connections on LinkedIn. We have over 30,000 connections on LinkedIn in the Calgary area alone. Do you think that might help?

We have entire strategies around posting articles. This is just a taste…

Calgary LinkedIn Strategy

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