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We offer a wide range of services that bring your more followers, and more business. The bottom line for business is – the bottom line. It needs to make your phone ring!


There are a lot of people and a lot of companies out there that say they know how to do your social media for you. If they had worked, you would not be reading this now.

How are we different?

We have done it before!

And we didn’t just get lucky. We know how to do it again.

We have taken companies with zero social media following and brought them a steady flow of new clients. We have taken speakers with empty seats and filled them. We have put local people on the front page of Google without using SEO. We have made people famous in their market. We have brought in over 80% of a companies business from social media and never bought an ad. We know how to do what you need done, and we won’t lie about it if we don’t.

We have resources others don’t have

We are a part of an amazing network of professionals and can collaborate any kind of marketing project giving you the expertise of some of the greatest marketing minds in our region. We have access to tools that are unavailable to others in the marketing arena and we only work with people who bring results.

We are Loyal2U

Therefore we want only long term, high quality clients who are loyal to us. We have to get results for that to be a thing. If we can’t help you, we will be straight with you, so we can both move on quickly.


Everyone talks about being “out of the box” but we seriously can’t even find the box anymore. We blew that up a very long time ago. We use gorilla marketing methods that are continually being modified because Google is changing, and Facebook is changing, and LinkedIn is changing every month. The strategies however are often more eternal. They can be ancient wisdom adopted for modern times. The main thing is, do they work? Does the phone ring? The bottom line for a business owner is the bottom line. We are going to educate you and wow you and it is all going to be done by focusing on The 3 Cs of our powerful online engine.

  • Content – is your anchor. You must have something to say in tweets, posts, articles, and videos that makes the mice want to follow the sound of your pipe playing. Google loves content and they own the world. Their rules, their game, so we need to play it the way they want it.

  • Connections – this is what is lacking in most online marketing programs. If you shout a message into an empty room, how can you expect a response? Yet, business owners continually pay for content to be created without growing their local, real and engaged following. We have 80,000 followers. We know how to get you some!

  • Consistency – is the diamond maker of modern marketing. Heat and pressure applied over time gives you the best results. It is also like that pied piper. You have all the mice following your song. Why would you stop playing the pipe? We will get that pipe playing and we will automate it so it never stops. On and on, your target market will follow and  hang on your every note.


We create engaging content that causes our clients to gain a loyal following of raving fans and committed paying customers.

Google rules the world. Social media is social and it is media. We can use social media to go places that we have never even dreamed of going. It is an exciting journey and not a destination. We can take you places because we understand how to drive the vehicle.

  1. Loyalty
  2. Excellence in content
  3. Fascination and following
  4. Accountability and reporting
  5. Domination of your market
  6. Protection of reputation, time & resources
  7. Edification – we make you famous

Firstly, there are different guarantees with different projects. Some people just want a lot of followers so we agree on a number. Others want a certain number of sales, or volume of business. Therefore with every prospective client we sit down and ask a lot of questions before we come up with a plan. Once we create a proposal we will have guarantees as part of that proposal. If we don’t know what it will take to do your project, we will be straight with you, but most of the time we do know what the budget should be, how long it will take, and what kind of response you can expect. All of that goes into the contract, and then we deliver. If we can’t deliver in the expected time period, you will have free services from our company for up to one year. We are pretty committed to delivering…

We work with hundreds of business owners every year in several different capacities. We have learned a lot about marketing and about business. We are happy to share that knowledge as it is needed.

Most marketing companies will not tell you the truth. They just want you to sign up and close the deal so they get paid. We are going to tell you the truth before we begin, even if it means we don’t get the sale. We want happy, loyal customers, so if we can’t do it, we are going to say so. If it is going to take a lot of money, we will tell you. If it is going to take a year or three to get a positive ROI we will be truthful about that. We are going to give you a plan and a clear understanding of the expectations and the milestones before we start.

We want truthfulness from you as well. We will be asking about where you are currently spending your money and what kind of ROI it is bringing in. We will want to know how long you have been doing it so and how you are measuring your outcomes. We may recommend changes, or we just recommend better tracking. We may recommend you go elsewhere for your marketing, and we may recommend that you need a coach before you need marketing. No matter what though, you will be more knowledgeable after our free assessment because we are going to tell you the truth.

We could sugar coat it and tell you that you are pretty, but if you need to know that your ship is about to sink, we are are not going to let you sink. We think you may appreciate that more in the end.

We don’t need a lot of clients. We need only a few more each year, so we are very selective who we work with. You should be selective as well. Choose contractors who will tell you the truth up front.

Have It All Done

Today's business owners are busy. Do you have the time, or the knowledge to continually run campaigns and offer information, or collect leads from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, Instagram, a CRM, and others? We build a working strategy and then we take it from there. We make it easy for you!

Grow By Over 10,000 Followers In Your First 6 Months with Loyal2U!

Become a client today to gain a loyal following and increase your sales numbers.

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