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Our services are designed to drive new customers to you, engage existing clients, and to improve customer loyalty. We know the bottom line, is the bottom line!



Automation is a gift that keeps on giving. By setting up the right automated processes we can add numbers of followers, new content, and new methods of collecting leads each month. As the outcomes are measured we know which ones to increase and we automate the increases. It is a gift that keeps giving and giving and giving. Automation is your new best friend.



Google is the #1 Search Engine in the world. They own the game and they referee the game that all of the rest of us want to play on. At Loyal2U we show our clients how to win the game. It is not always about ranking high, what matters more is that the phone rings. Is your phone ringing? The bottom line in marketing is the bottom line.


Print And Promo

It is important to have branding that flows from one medium to another. If you don't have a logo, or if your website colors are different than what you are using in your print materials, things don't look uniformed and you don't look professional. At Loyal2U we have powerful relationships with amazing providers and your branding can easily be made to look consistent across all platforms including print and promo.


SEO Management

SEO - Search Engine Optimization or is it Snake E Oil? This is as sinister as the snake in the garden of Eden. Let's do some math and then you decide if you want to go with the regular definition of SEO or if you are ready to try something new? There are only 10 generic spots on Google for any search term. Paying for ads has limited results. Let's talk...


Website Design

We have real solutions for real business owners. If you want it cheap we can make some recommendations that may help. If you want a good job, done reasonably fast, for a fair price we can arrange that. If you are looking for ongoing marketing, we may include your website build in your monthly marketing budget.

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